The Best Men’s Running Tights


For some, the moment the weather gets cold enough to necessitate wearing tights to run is the moment they choose to pack in running outside altogether until the spring. Pah, we say to them, pah! Running in the winter is just as enjoyable as running in the summer – you just need the right kind of running gear.

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Good running tights will keep you snug without restricting movement and offer some compression to help warm up your muscles and aid in their post-run recovery. Here are, in no particular order, nine sets of running leggings to consider.

Lululemon Surge Warm Tight

Aside from some reflective details around the ankle, these tights are as plain as they come – ideal if you prefer your tights to be as inconspicuous as possible – but there’s plenty of clever stuff going on in the Luxtreme fabric, which wicks sweat away and stretches every which way to keep you comfortable. No matter what pace you choose to run at, the tights will keep you warm and dry without overheating. They also have anti-shrinking properties, because no-one wants a pair of tights that get tighter with every wash. £98, buy on

New Balance Precision Tight

There are several nifty features on these tights that make them an excellent pick for your winter runs. The reflective tape and print on the calf provide welcome visibility; the small mesh panels on the back of the knee add extra breathability without the risk of making you chilly; and the zip pocket on the back is large enough to take keys, a card and some cash – although if you wear the tights under shorts you’re going to struggle to access those things without looking a little odd. £90, buy on

Adidas Response Climawarm Tights

When warmth is your primary concern, this cosy pair from Adidas will see you right. The Climawarm tech in the fabric keeps the cold at bay and breathes well enough to prevent your legs from getting clammy underneath, making them ideal for easy runs in all conditions. Pop these on in the moments just before a run when your trepidation at heading out into the cold is at its highest and their reassuring warmth will provide the perfect boost to get out the door. £62.95, buy on

dhb Run Tech Tight

If you’re working on a tight (excuse the pun) budget but still want a quality garment then, as always with running gear, dhb’s running range is worth a look. These snug tights have mesh panels behind the knee to avoid overheating, and even offer a sizeable back pocket that’s large enough to accommodate a phone – always a pleasing bonus on running clothes. £30, buy on

Asics Windstopper Tights

Whether it’s down to blustery conditions, or a byproduct of the extraordinary speed at which you run, freezing wind is the greatest enemy of the winter runner. These tights have hi-tech windstopper fabric on the front to stop the breeze cutting through you and stretchy panels on the back so your movement remains free enough to keep the pace up. £70, buy on

Odlo Evolution Warm

These lightweight thermal tights have no seams, which means you avoid any unpleasant rubbing, and are designed for faster runs in cold conditions. They’ll keep you warm as you get up to speed, but once you’re firing on all cylinders the wicking fabric will handle with sweat. In our eyes, you get extra credit if you opt for the luminous yellow option. £50, buy on

SOAR Dual-Fabric Tights

We’re not entirely sure why two fabrics – French and Italian fabrics, no less – are required to make these tights, but we are very much certain that we like the results. The SOAR tights are extremely comfortable, even with the mild compression they offer on the calf which will help get the blood pumping in chilly conditions. There are reflective details on the thigh and ankle zips to help with night-time visibility, although if it’s reflective details you’re after, it’s worth checking out our next pick. £110, buy on

2XU Reflect Compression

The calf and shin areas on these compression tights are covered with reflective crosses to help others spot you from all angles when you’re running at night. They’re not as warm as some of the other tights on this list – in fact they’re lightweight and breathable enough to be worn all year round – but they’re ideal for speedy evening runs through the winter months. £85, buy on

Iffley Road Windsor Slate Tights

So soft and cosy you might find you end up just wearing them around the house. And get this: unlike almost every other set of men’s tights out there, they’re not black! They’re dark grey. £75, buy on


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